Pulling John is the greatest American story ever told. It encompasses everything that makes our country great, hand to hand combat, competition, America, Russia and most importantly the love of two men who holding hands that usually ends in a kiss.

Pulling John is the story of John Brzenk a modern day ( do not let the fact he gets his hair cut in the kitchen by his wife sway you ) super hero. Brzenk is from a long pedigree of Americas top Arm Wrestling champions. John took his family name one step further and spent twenty plus years held by those who compete as the worlds greatest to ever play the game. It does not matter 80 pounds heavier with a turn of the wrist Brzenk drops his challengers to the table. Brzenk is such a shining star in this sport he has an action figure from the film Over the Top and won the truck that the infamous Hawk character won in the film. Brzenk like a man with an IQ over 65 knowing truck driving is the job for those educationally challenged he sold it and bought a corvette.

As years pass two new men slowly make their mark in this sport of hand holding. One local boy from West Virgin who is son to none other then Big Arm, Big Arm runs what he calls the Mecca to Arm Wrestling in West Virgina which is the saddest statement in the entire documentary. The other key player is the Russian and SPOILER ALERT he never says ” I must break you “. We follow these three men, one on the top and the other two clawing up. In the end all three find what they are looking for I think. The man from West Virgina probably fins a long lost cousin to marry, The Russian I’m sure finds some type of American Movie and Levis Jeans he can use while waiting in line for bread, or to wrestle a polar bear. John the star of the film finds the one thing he thought was lost forever, the love for the sport.

Pulling John is a roller coaster ride that will make you question a lot of things like, who spent time following these people around, are lives really this sad, are the people who compete in thumb wrestling frowned on by this upper class group and most importantly how am I just finding out about this amazing sport now.

I give pulling John four pulls to finish.