The Atlantic published some photos from the the U.S. and NATO’s groundwork in Afghanistan over the last few months. These photos remind us of the reality, harsh nature of this situation and innocence of some of the civilians that are being effected every day by all of the political and religious unrest of this conflict. Hopefully they will bring our young brothers sisters, mothers and fathers home safely and the Afghanistan civilians will be able to one day lead lives without the worries of violence on a daily basis.

On February 21, reports surfaced that NATO personnel at Bagram Air Base had burned a number of Korans, which were discovered and saved by locals working at the base. Despite an apology from the Obama administration, and claims by NATO authorities that the burnings had happened inadvertently, violent anti-American demonstrations erupted in several places. Dozens were killed, including four American troops. Two of the Americans were allegedly killed by an Afghan colleague, another in an increasing number of insider attacks. According to the Pentagon, around 70 NATO members have been killed in 42 insider attacks from May 2007 through January 2012. Below are just a few of the 40 photos The Atlantic published as an ongoing monthly series on Afghanistan.